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  Effective Immediately March 17, 2020 COVID-19 Protocol

This is a difficult time with COVID-19 and for the safety of everyone, we are making some changes to our current client appointments when clients typically accompany their pets during their appointment.

Clinton Veterinary Hospital’s top priority right now is the safety of everyone. In order to continue offering our services and to keep within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines regarding the transmission of COVID-19, we are making the following changes to our client protocol and lasting for as long as the recommendations are in place and we feel it is time to change back.

**If pet owners refuse to follow these new protocols**they will be asked to reschedule for when the guidelines are no longer in place.

New protocols include: 

  1. In order to protect the safety of everyone we request all clients showing signs of illness that can be associated with COVID-19 remain at home. Call for further options.
  2. We are asking pet owners not to enter the building, in order to minimize contact distances.
  3. When clients arrive for their appointment, they should contact our office to alert our team they have arrived and what type of vehicle they are in. They are to remain in their vehicle and our staff will go over all treatments, pricing, and examination questions via phone. Then come outside to bring their pet in for their appointment or escort clients inside.
  4. We ask clients to remain on-site in their vehicle during their pet's appointment so that they are immediately available should we have any questions and in order to return their pet as quickly as possible to reduce the pet's stress. Leaving the premises without authorization while your pet is being examined will result in an additional hospitalization charge to that day's bill PER PET.
  5. If any additional information is needed prior to performing our diagnostics, or any additional tests are needed beyond the examination, a team member or doctor will contact the client via phone.
  6. Once the pet has been fully evaluated, the doctor will contact the client - via phone - to go over their findings, recommendations and answer any questions they may have. We will then come get your form of payment and check ID. We ask our clients to please have a valid form of photo ID with credit card transactions at this time.
  7. A copy of the client's pet’s invoice/receipt can be emailed to them by the end of the day if requested. All medications dispensed in house will be brought out to the client with their pet when the evaluation is complete.

We strive to offer the same great service while minimizing risk for all parties at this time. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


We will be open weekdays from 8am-5pm.

Saturdays will remain the same time of 8am-3pm.  


Grooming Update May 7, 2020

Following the protocols listed above we are offering grooming. For further safety we are requiring all groomed pets receive our medicated bath with antiseptic shampoo, this does come at an additional cost.

We ask that you call for specific hours, days, pricing and availability. 


UPDATE July 1st, 2021

We understand that the guidelines are changing, businesses are opening up and letting people in or eliminating masks. At this time we are still operating curbside and requiring masks for those who do enter our building. We feel this is the safest option for us, our amazing clients, and all the loving pets. We see so many pets during a day that the amount of people in our building would be a lot and we don't wan to cut back on the number of patients we see to distance more. We want to help as many as we can and keep safe at the same time!

We ask that you please remember:


‘The pandemic began at the same time for everyone, but it’s going to end at different times for each individual.’

‘Everyone is going to process what we’ve been through differently and at different rates, and everyone is going to make sense of the new recommendations in deeply personal and individualized ways.’

‘We are finally hitting a period where risks are truly going to be low for a lot (but not all) of us.’

Dr. Steve Valeika